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How did we find our first event?

The team at InvestmentWatch UK have placed a great deal of emphasis on events. Why?

The benefits of holding regular events are evident. They encourage our clients to come along and enhance their education and knowledge whilst continuing to pick up the regular updates through our subscription service. They also get to interact with our team of analysts and traders and bounce ideas off them and other clients.

From our side of the fence, events are important to us as we can show what we do and that we aren’t simply robots behind a computer screen who stare at charts all day!

A popular question we were asked in the lead up to the Forex Technical Seminar last week was ‘Why are you only charging £10? What are you going to try and sell to me?’ A great question when you weigh up the costs of seminars around the country! We felt it was only right to charge £10 as the seminar lasted 90 minutes and provided a glimpse into the world of Forex trading whilst providing information and education in that time. We have no interest in overcharging delegates to make the so called ‘quick buck’ as this is an unsustainable business strategy. We want to keep our clients happy and to keep coming to events in the future as we expand. Now, if we had charged £50 a head, people may have been questioning ‘Was that worth it?’  The answer probably would have been No.

Last weeks Forex Technical Seminar

We purposely made sure the event wasn’t a prolonged sales pitch,if people want to speak to us about our services then they know where we are and what we do! The feedback we received was great, an average rating of 8.3/10 and follow up conversations that have provided excellent analysis for our team to process. (The Studio venue in Birmingham provided an excellent facility for the record).

So overall we found our first event a huge success and we look forward to welcoming more delegates as we continue to grow and grow. Our next event will be ran in October and this will be a 4 hour workshop which will dig deep into trading strategies and analysis.

We will continue to do different types of events moving forwards so keep your eyes peeeled!

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