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We have been asked a number of questions regarding the service we provide and have found that the most popular questions are below.  We will add to these over time, however, if you have a question, do not hesitate to ask and get in touch.


In what sort of investments do InvestmentWatch UK possess experience and knowledge?

Between the team we have worked in a number of positions which have focused on investing across different markets including foreign exchange markets, UK and European stock markets, commodities and managed funds.

I am new to investing, how do I build up my knowledge?

You can attend one of our popular seminars in which we provide a detailed breakdown of what to look for when investing in the market.

What sort of returns can I expect?

It is important to note that no returns are guaranteed and it is recommended to keep a regular look at your account in order to help manage risk.

What can I expect to receive if i sign up?

A weekly report on a Sunday morning which details the events of the past week, whilst taking a glance at key announcements in the coming week. On an ad-hoc basis throughout the week, you will receive an insight into stocks/forex currency pair that our team are looking into. Please note there is no minimum or maximum number of these ad-hoc reports. On average there are between 2-5 per week.

Does InvestmentWatch UK provide advice?

No, InvestmentWatch UK does not offer advice. Our aim is to simply provide information on the market and help educate our subscribers so that they can enhance their own decision making in order to increase their investment portfolios.

What sort of events do you run?

We will run seminars through out the year in which we will look at different trading techniques, key themes that are effecting the markets along with lots more. We will also look to hold other events across the Midlands on a Q&A format. All details will be accessible on the events page.

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