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Nurture to Nature

In sport there is often the argument- nature or nurture? One side of the argument suggests that athletes are born with an ability whilst the other side suggests that their ability comes from vast periods of time practising and honing their skills on the training ground.

This argument can be heard in the world of trading as potential traders believe themselves to ‘not be a natural’. Nobody is born a good trader.The best investors and traders in the world in the world haven’t got to their level without hundreds of hours analysing and backtesting methods. Even those of Warren Buffet’s (Don’t know him? You should) level are still learning and advancing their skill set.

So, to all beginners, if you wish to become a successful, profitable trader and investor than you can. Don’t be afraid to make losses, start of with small positions and build your confidence in your own methods and strategies.

Nurture yourself to become a Natural trader. 


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