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Doing shares the right way

Investors across the globe are continually longing for to find the ‘right way to do shares’. But what is the ‘right way’?

Each investor will have a different way that suits them better than others. There are now various ways in which you can invest in shares and therefore everyone can find their ‘right way’. You can buy shares, in what many deem to be the old fashioned way, and hold them for a long period of time (12 months +) and pick up the income from the dividend along with any growth from the share price. You can also go ‘bargain hunting’ and look for the shares you believe are cheaply priced and look to gain large levels of growth.

A common, yet risky, way of trading now is through the use of leveraged products such as Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and spreadbetting. The leverage in these products allows you to trade positions substantially larger than your account value. Therefore this is more suited to short term risk takers looking to make a good return quickly (anything from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks).

Doing shares the right way. There is no blanket approach due to each individuals different characteristic, however once you learn more about how much risk you are willing to take and how active you want to be, doing shares the right way for you will become a lot easier

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